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Matterhorn Climb – 14,692 ft (4,478m) August 2013

I climbed the Matterhorn – 14,692 ft (4,478 m) to raise £961.23 to keep a Type1 (insulin dependant) diabetic child in Ecuador alive for a year.

Update: 21st August 2013 I did it! and I raised £1,414.61 to get kids in Ecuador insulin 

The Matterhorn in Zermatt, Switzerland  is a serious affair for any climber, and this will not be no walk in the park, more than 500 people have died trying to reach the summit of this beautiful mountain.  Summit day will be the hardest physically gruelling day of my life, and as an ex British Forces Soldier I know what I am talking about.

Matterhorn Summit
Matterhorn Summit 1030hrs 21st Aug 2013

As a complete alpine novice I attempted this mountain solo in 2010, but was forced to turn around by avalanches, rockfall and hailstorms.  My Girlfriend Jane is Type 1 (insulin dependant) diabetic, and I took her with me up the Hornli Ridge to an altitude of 3260m where the base camp hut is.  It was really hard for her, really really hard as she suffers badly with her illness and she will not be able to accompany me this time; however she has the memories of this amazing place and she will know where I am, and know the sounds and views I will have and she will know that the alpine choughs will be keeping their beady eyes on me.

Matterhorn Hornli Ridge
The view from Schwarzsee on my 2010 solo attempt

The whole adventure started, literally as a vision in a dream of the Matterhorn, a mountain I had never even seen a picture of before.  When I googled it, the view from the start of the climb proper was what I had seen in my dream.  Since then there have been a catalogue of strange co-incidences and peculiar paths that have led me to where I am now. Not only is this a dream come true for me, but it is destiny, and it is for a fantastic lifesaving cause.

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