A bit about me

I am Roy, and because I hail from Liverpool, some people might call me “that Scouse bastard” What is a Scouser

  • Red or Blue: Red of course
  • Starsign: Leo
  • Ethnic origin: British/Irish with a bit of Latin American.
  • Age: old enough to know better
  • Hometown: Liverpool
  • Residing: South West UK
  • Food: Pan of Scouse or crispy bacon butties
  • Mental State: all over the place, and apparently disorderly, so they say!
  • Things I find Interesting: Wingsuit flying, BASE jumping, Tropical fish, Motorbikes, Weight Training, Rock climbing, Alpinism.

I am an Ex British Forces Lance Corporal and served in the 1st Royal Tank Regiment, from 1982-1990.

When I can get motivated and organised I enjoy bodyflight training in the wind-tunnel at Airkix, slacklining, cycling with my dog Sassy in the basket, and tear arseing around on my Suzuki GSX1100 Katana. Photography has always been a big passion of mine, and my prints are available for sale.

People who know me well know that I am “a gentleman with a few rough edges.” I’m that socially inept guy you sort of liked but couldn’t quite connect with!  I never really fitted in or been considered “normal” since I was a child, and I know why now, as I’ve recently been diagnosed Autistic Spectrum, and ADHD. So now we have Roy version 6.1 beta update, and I’m learning how to be a bit more normal-ish, at least enough to get past the initial “he’s a bit odd” stage., I’m pleased with the feedback so far 🙂 Normally I’m just perceived as eccentric, and definitely someone you can trust..   I was bullied at school for many years, but decided to fight back at 15yrs old when I started getting ready to go into the army.  I am absolutely not a violent person.

In 2008 I had a vision in a vivid dream of the mighty mount Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps. I became obsessed with climbing it and completely changed my outlook on life, my diet, lost weight, started weight training, cycling and got fit. I made a solo attempt in 2010, turning around at 3300 metres due to avalanches, rockfall and a hailstorm.

Update August 2013: So I did it, I climbed the mighty Matterhorn. More than 500 people have died trying but I lived to tell the tale. I partnered with big wall climber Jerry Gore to raise money for his Ecuador appeal which gets insulin to diabetic children who would otherwise die. I raised, £1,414.61. Enough to keep a child alive for over a year. Well chuffed and proud.

I believe we have too much stuff in our lives, we don’t need stuff. The only stuff I put priority towards is stuff that help me go to great places and do great things.

If you don’t know me and meet me one day, try to remember that I am an oddball and may not respond like normal people to things you say. I generally talk to much, and appear not to be listening. I am listening, just processing what you say takes longer for me, and my mind skips about quickly from one thing to the next.

In the future I will skydive, BASE jump, and fly a wingsuit.

In 2001 after many years of confusion I realised I needed to see a doctor because I was fucked up in the head.  I was very distressed, broke down in tears, and was referred to a psychiatrist.  My life was spiralling out of control,  I was not prepared to accept I was mentally ill and refused medication.  I ended up homeless, living in a broken down van in a secluded field for a year until I started getting help from my local Mental Health Team, who got me housed in a hostel where I spent the next six years.

I am diagnosed with Bi-polar disorder (Manic-depression) and/or Cyclothymic disorder, Agoraphobia with panic attacks and Generalised Anxiety Disorder.  I have to take mood stabilising drugs.  Because these things come in phases sometimes I function on all cylinders and can get stuff done, but this never really lasts long for me.  I just try and make the most of the good days and try to force myself to do things.

“Roy’s Very Own Big Bad Web Page” went live in 1998 and after my diagnosis in 2001 I added a small section on Cyclothymia.  I started getting e-mails from all over the world thanking me and asking for advice.  I can’t answer all e-mails I receive, often I am too ill to get the motivation, so I started a more comprehensive page, which has resulted over the years into what you see now.

Cyclothymic Depression
Cyclothymic Depression age 17

On days when I feel up to it I try to get outside and do things that enhance my wellbeing.  Photography has always been a big passion of mine, and I believe it helps me connect with nature and in some way gives something back that I can’t quite explain.

My message to the world is this:  Live your lives people, get out there and do it, test yourself, face your fears, because before you know it your fitness levels will prevent it, and you will have to live with the fact that you had your chance and you muffed it. Get fit now, no excuses our lives are short enough as it is, nothing we do on this earth is going to have any impact on the big picture, we are all like specks of dust in time and space so go for it with all guns blazing, and try to laugh as much as you can. 🙂

I’m adding a whole section and posts to this new look website a bit at a time, so check back if you’re slightly deranged.  Cyclothymia Bi-Polar Help

Here is my old cyclothymia case file, from which I will be copying to this new site
It is intended to be of help to anyone diagnosed
as cyclothymic and for their family and friends.    My Cyclothymia and Bi-Polar help page

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  1. Fantastic site Roy. Good to see you doing good and showing people that life is full of surprises. Inspiring people as always, brilliant pictures from our army days.

  2. HI Roy, I left the reg in 86, so we must have crossed paths but sorry to say, I cannot put a name to the face. My no 2 lad works in a school who’s whole population are classed as “not mainstream”. Stay strong, and I hope the world becomes a nicer place for you mate.

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