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My old website helped a lot of people, I’m hoping this new site with its widgets and clicky things will help many more in the future. I’ll be adding stuff I’ve had waiting, and stuff that’s still bursting to get out my brain.

Feeling Mentally Unstable? – Nature Helps

So I was on my way back from another emotionally draining psychiatristric appointment today and I decided to go for a short walk with Sassy dog who had been itching to get out of the car. I live in the beautiful New Forest, and she'd had her head out the window taking in the fresh air, looking for rabbits with her ears flapping about and her eyes streaming (no doubt … Continue Reading ››

Mental Health Problems – Suicidal Ideation – Don’t commit suicide, live your life.

Cyclothymia is a member of the bi-polar spectrum. There is a high incidence of suicide amongst those with Bi-polar disorder, I think I read somewhere that it was one in ten or something.  I would never do it but I have a full understanding of how, certainly in the past, self portrait - 1986-11_2 self portrait … Continue Reading ››

“Denial and Normalization” – Cyclothymic bi-polar disorder

who decides what is normal
I'm not odd, it's you that's odd.
Denial Denial can last years, and manifests itself in many ways, for me it was:
  • "There is nothing wrong with me it must be a mistake".
  • "I'm not prepared to accept this because if I do I am stigmatized and ruined".

An introduction to my mental illness

Cyclothymic Depression
Cyclothymic Depression age 17

I am diagnosed with Bi-polar disorder (Manic-depression) and/or Cyclothymic disorder, Agoraphobia with panic attacks and Generalised Anxiety Disorder.  I have to take mood stabilising drugs.  Because these things come in phases sometimes I function on all cylinders and can get stuff done, but this never really lasts long for me.  … Continue Reading ››