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“Denial and Normalization” – Cyclothymic bi-polar disorder

who decides what is normal
I'm not odd, it's you that's odd.
Denial Denial can last years, and manifests itself in many ways, for me it was:
  • "There is nothing wrong with me it must be a mistake".
  • "I'm not prepared to accept this because if I do I am stigmatized and ruined".

An introduction to my mental illness

Cyclothymic Depression
Cyclothymic Depression age 17

I am diagnosed with Bi-polar disorder (Manic-depression) and/or Cyclothymic disorder, Agoraphobia with panic attacks and Generalised Anxiety Disorder.  I have to take mood stabilising drugs.  Because these things come in phases sometimes I function on all cylinders and can get stuff done, but this never really lasts long for me.  … Continue Reading ››

Desperately seeking Deborah D51

Whilst driving through France, Jane and I went looking for the WW1 tank D51 "Deborah" that took 5 direct hits from German Artillery at Flesquieres, killing 5 of her crew during the Battle of Cambrai 20 Nov 1917. Deborah had been dug out of the ground in 1998. I was a little unprepared, and aside from some stuff I'd printed off the internet about Deborah and her crew, I had … Continue Reading ››